Our male WIMA | MODELS promoters have the ability to melt everyone’s heart. They approach your customers with charm and a smile on their face explain your product professionally and elegantly. With charisma and honest joy they hand over giveaways to visitors and spread huge joy at your event with great motivation and are full of energy.

This is how you can guarantee that customers will get the best first impression of you.

With an engaging smile our WIMA | MODELS promoters, will have your customers wrapped around their fingers. Extroverted, in a good spirit and motivated, our promoters actively approach your customers. No matter if it is a flyer campaign, a raffle or your own advertising campaign, our WIMA | MODELS promoters will support you at every event and every promotional project.

Our girls and boys have outstanding language skills, a perfect appearance and the necessary skill set to promote your product.

Qualities such as motivation, reliability, commitment and passion for the job are equally important to our promotion talents. WIMA | MODELS promotion talent will represent your company from the best side possible.


Our Promoters