Polaroids, Digitals

If you want to apply as a WIMA | MODEL, we need current digitals from you.

Digitals are natural pictures of you, which were taken in front of a neutral background. It is important that the pictures are taken in a good light, so that we can see your bone structure.

Please DO NOT wear make-up, sunglasses, hats, etc.. Please keep your hair as natural as possible, but make sure it is not obscuring your cheeks. Please avoid baggy clothes for body shots. Please do not wear flashy accessories (no jewelry, no belts) and certainly no branded clothes. Please do not retouch the images you want to submit.


Good digitals always include an attractive close up, where your face can be seen from close up. We are happy to see your eyes, skin and teeth. Feel free to send us a close-up smiling, one with a neutral expression, one with your hair pulled back and one with your hair open.

1/2 body

We are also happy about Polas in the halfbody shot or in the American cut. You can also show a different facial expression or go into a light but natural pose. Please also here in your "raw state" and without tuning, i.e. no make-up, no styling, no filter, etc.

Full body

To assess which customers you may be able to work with, please do not forget to submit a full length digital. Make sure that you are completely visible, please do not crop the image. Feel free to wear sleek and simple high heels for your full body image.


Your profile is what distinguishes you from everyone else. Please submit digitals showcasing your profile, please tie your hair into a ponytail. Send us pictures of your face and body in a 90 or 45 degree angle.


If you would also like to work in the lingerie or swimwear sector, then of course we need pictures from you in which we and our customers can see your body. so please send us all of the above areas as underwear or bikini polas. Again, make sure you wear neutral clothing. Please again without make-up, unstyled, without filters and in front of a neutrale and light background.


Under certain conditions you can also work as a body parts model. We mainly represent body parts models in the area of ​​hands and arms as well as feet and legs. You would have to have extremely clear skin and extremely well-groomed nails. Shapely fingers and toes too. Of course, if you want to work in this field, you also need Polas for it.

Male Models

All of the above obviously applies to male models as well. The same applies to you: no make-up, no styling, no filters, tight clothing, in front of a neutral background. If necessary: ​​in boxer shorts and also body parts if you like. The only exception: You don’t need to wear high heels.